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6000+ Channels

Access to over 60 000 VODs!

Worldwide Servers

We offer servers worldwide to provide good connection to all users!

Updated Weekly

The IPTV will be updated weekly with the latest tv shows and movies available!

All Devices

We provide support for ALL devices including, Firestick, Smart TV, Mag, Android Devices plus many more!

Main Content

These are just our main selling points. We offer thousands of other channels & VODs on top of these.

We've done some changes to the way we handle payments, going forward we will only accept crypto currencies. But don't let this scare you, it's easier than you think. We have created a easy to understand guide on how to get started with crypto and how to use it. It's a very easy process and all details can be found in the guides below. PayPal has not been a reliable service for us and has continued to mess us over, hopefully in the future we'll be able to implement alternative payment methods.

How to easily purchase & use crypto!


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Vods: Over 60 000!

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Channels: All 6000+

Vods: Over 60 000!

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Channels: All 6000+

Vods: Over 60 000!

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Channels: All 6000+

Vods: Over 60 000!

Duration: 90 Days

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Our customers are very happy with our service! Below are some reviews from our top customers.

It took a bit longer than expect to receive access to the IPTV. But they quickly helped me once i contacted them and added time on top of my subscription!


I have been using this IPTV service since the start. There has been no complaints from my side so far and they continue to update and better the service!


They provide excellent support and i received access to the service within 20 minutes of ordering! I'd strongly recommend this IPTV!